Sunday, 29 November 2009


So 1st post. Grimey dosages week by week, because on my main blog there just isn't enough room. It's good to have recaps anyway. So this week in grime...

Rapid - Go Rapid

Videos have been a cut above this year. Especially of recent months with Boy Better Know, Jammer and Devlin all bringing great productions to our TV screens, Ruff Sqwad's TOP producer and MC may have topped all of them. The tune alone is fantastic but the video is something special. Look out for his album dropping sometime in the near future with features from Ghetts, Ruff Sqwad and the like..

 Of course with a weekly grime column there would have to be radio. OF COURSE. Logan kicked things off with a set from Badness which to be fair, was a little hit and miss. Grab it here. The big set was with two of the finest up and comers about: Dream McLean and One 4 One. Dream showed a lot of levels, hit Team Supreme to find some material. Oh and download the set here.

 Did the freaky-haired man play any new music I hear you scream ? Of course, favourite new tune of the week:
Frisco & Roadside G's - Money, Cant' Wait.

There were more radio activities on Cameo's Tuesday night 1XTRA slot, P Money tore down the set along with Blacks, Kozzie and Roxanne. Oh and DJ Vectra. Scarcious filmed the whole thing, catch them videos right here.

SB.TV continued with his new F64 series:

That was the aforementioned One 4 One, but in the best freestyle I've seen for ages, is South Soldier's very own Messy !

So yeah that was pretty much the week. Oh and some other interesting bits:

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